Rendezvous and Renaissance Faires










Longbow Archery Range for Indian Settler Rendezvous and Renaissance Faires 

Our longbow range offers your visitors a unique opportunity to try primitive archery! When we set up at a reenactment we draw the longest lines and are always mentioned in surveys as a favorite public attraction! Our insured instructors have trained under the 1996 USA Men’s Olympic Archery Coach among other archery professionals.

Traditional Equipment

We have taken the time to research period correct archery equipment for juried events. Our longbows are in the 20# draw range so even young history fans are safe to shoot! Our hand-crafted arrows are made of Port Orford Cedar, with self nocks and sinew wrapped turkey feathers!

Available for Hire 

The Hononegah Archery Family are members of the Macktown Historical Society and volunteer at the “Gathering” and “French Frolic.” Our traveling range is a professional form of entertainment and we do charge for Rendezvous away from home. Our standard rate is $300 for Saturday, $300 for Sunday, plus excessive travel expenses and camping. We offer student days at no charge because that’s the whole reason we do this, just like you!


Reenactment Tri-fold