Handcrafted Traditional Arrows



Our Arrows are crafted for Indian/Settler Rendezvous, Renaissance Faires, Viking reenactment, primitive hunting, or to compliment any archer looking for a gorgeous, quality flight traditional arrow.













For use in recurve and longbows ONLY.

  1. Our arrows are made with straight and sweetly fragrant 45# spined Port Orford Cedar shafts.
  2. Other poundage spine available depending on your height and the strength of your bow.
  3. Arrows can be either blonde and water-sealed, or walnut stained and water-sealed
  4. Turkey feathers are wrapped with sinew or silk for authenticity and to keep your feathers on in the brush.
  5. Nocks are hand carved for authenticity and reinforced with sinew or silk to prevent splitting.
  6. Base price for arrows with field points or short bodkins is $300 per dozen

Long bodkins can be mounted for $8 per arrow, and the 2 blade broadheads can be mounted for $6 per arrow.


If you prefer all 36 feathers on your dozen to be barred, add an additional $30






Custom orders shipping in 2-3 weeks.

Examples of recent work:




Below dozen completed, in stock ready to ship:

$300 + shipping

45# spined Port Orford Cedar shafts, walnut stained and sealed. Autumn brown barred and Autumn brown turkey feather fletchings wrapped in sinew. Self-nocks reinforced with sinew. Field points mounted to do less target damage. I can add short bodkins to this set at no additional charge if preferred.