School Teacher Licensing

USAA Level II Class taught by Coach Oster

NASP BAI Class taught by Coach Oster,

at Oostberg High School


As a USA Archery Level III (NTS) Junior Olympic Archery Development Coach, Jeremy Oster can license others as USA Archery Level I & II Instructors. Both Boy Scout and Girl Scout Leaders are required to be USA Archery certified.

Coach Oster also certifies School Teachers grades 3 – 12 for two unique co-ed competitive archery programs.

Prefer a minimum of 6 educators to hold a class.

  • National Archery in the Schools Program BAI Certification     –  $150 each teacher
  • Scholastic 3D Archery – $150 each teacher
  • USAA Level I Archery Certification      –  $150 each teacher
  • USAA Level II Archery Certification     –  $250 each teacher

 School Tri-fold