Special Needs Archery

Two of Coach Oster’s four children have special needs. Jacob is 23 and has a Cognitive Disability due to Doctor error at birth. Jacob suffered brain damage from 6 ½ minutes of oxygen deprivation. Julie is 13 and has Autism (unrelated to her brother’s disability). Both students are accomplished archers along with their “mainstream” sister Madison who is 15. This is one of the primary reasons Hononegah Archery strives to bring competitive archery to area schools.

While there are many amazing archery coaches, Coach Oster has a personal understanding and comfort level for working with higher functioning students with special needs. Coach Oster has taught archery to students and adults with both physical and psychological disabilities. Hononegah Archery welcomes higher functioning students and adults with different abilities. We also offer Special Needs Archery Lesson Scholarships to students and adults.


If you look at our logos you will find our Autism Arrow designed by Rockford Artist Jill Calvagna.















Hononegah Archery was recognized as a non-profit in Illinois on August 15th 2017.

Hononegah Archery Inc. supports Autism Research at the Madison Wisconsin Waisman Center.

We also award special needs archery class scholarships to low income students.

We offer a 10% discount on classes to those with mental or physical disabilities!