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Hononegah Archery Inc. is the first company to host an Outdoor Wheelchair (OWC) to start serving students and adults with mobility disabilities in Winnebago and Boone Counties in Illinois & Rock County in Wisconsin. 


You do not need to be a student with Hononegah Archery to borrow a Outdoor Wheelchair for personal use! We do use them at our Archery classes, but that is just another way we utilize these amazing machines to improve quality of life for our friends with mobility impairment!


If you would like to borrow an OWC for a day please start by printing out,

and completing this “User Agreement and Waiver and Release of Liability” form:


We also ask that you request a free Wisconsin DNR Number. Even though we are Illinois residents, many of the grants Access Ability Wisconsin receives require reporting to Wisconsin. You won’t need this number until you fill out the survey before returning the OWC to us at Hononegah Archery. Just go to this site and write down your user ID for later.



$50 deposit and paperwork is preferred 10 days prior to use. Call us at 815.289.2822 to check available dates.

We understand that may not always be possible, but please as early as you can to hold your place for borrowing a Tank Chair. If we do not have your information and deposit and another person wants to use the Outdoor Wheelchair that day, we only have the one OWC to share currently and can not hold your date.



As long as trailer and Outdoor Wheelchair come back clean and in good condition your $50 deposit will be returned making for a free outdoor experience for you!

Send the following to Hononegah Archery:

  • $50 deposit check made out to “Access Ability WI”
  • Signed and dated User Agreement
  • Photo copy of Driver’s License and current proof of insurance for each person driving the Access Ability Trailer


Hononegah Archery Inc.

313 W. Mechanic St.

Rockton IL, 61072


The Hononegah Archery Range at the above address is where you will pick up the trailer and OWC and where you will drop it off after use. Plan on being at the Archery Range for half hour to an hour for training on OWC operation and we will fill out the Equipment Check Out Form. We also will ask for a fingerprint on the Check Out Form and take a couple pics to share!


The OWC weighs 350 lbs. and is loaded on a trailer weighing approximately 800 lbs. that uses a 2” ball. Please make sure you will have access to a vehicle with the capacity to tow equipment over 1150 lbs. when you make the reservation. For safety reasons we require at least an 8″ clearance from the ground to the hitch once the trailer is attached. As such we suggest you use a midsize SUV, a van, or a truck to ensure the appropriate clearance and safety. We have a right to refuse check out for any safety reason.


When you return the trailer and OWC we will fill out the Equipment Check In Form for damage and cleanliness.

In order for us to continue to receive grants and meet our reporting obligation we need pictures of you using the OWC, and we also require you to fill out this online survey. If the survey is complete and the trailer and OWC are clean, charged and all returned in good working order we will return your deposit check.


Please follow this link and complete the survey before returning the OWC.


If you enjoyed your day with an Outdoor Wheelchair please consider donation of your deposit to upkeep of the machines!